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Join Rev. Sophia Ducey on an Advent journey of exploring

The Holy in the Ordinary

The Advent session of the UCoL Centering Prayer will be happening at 10:00am each Wednesday in Advent on Zoom. 

The group will be using readings from Ann Weems, Searching for Shalom and Kneeling in Bethlehem.

Nov 30 - Holy Ground
Dec 7 - God’s Holy People
Dec 14 – The Messiah
Dec 21 – The Birth

For the four weeks of Christmas and Epiphany, the following readings are planned for individual practice at home.

December 28 – The Gift
January 4 – Star Giving
January 11 – New Shoots
January 18 – Hope Growing in Winter

Please email Rev. Sophia for more information and the Zoom link.

Join the journey to Bethlehem and beyond!